k9to5-martinI’ve been taking Martin to K9to5 for grooming every 4-5 weeks since I adopted him two years ago. He is a Dingo Husky cross and the Husky in him means he sheds a lot of hairs, and by a lot - I mean an ASTOUNDING amount.

His groomer Natika does an amazing job with him every time. She baths him, gives him a blow dry, clips his nails when he needs it and then brushes him thoroughly. She never rushes with him and the results always reflect that.

Martin always looks fantastic when I pick him up, and super happy and relaxed too. He loves his visits to K9to5 and gets so excited when I pull off the freeway because he knows exactly where we are going and the fun he is about to have with the whole team. I live in Ellenbrook so it is a 45 minute drive to K9to5, but I do it because of the way Martin is received and treated there. There is a dog groomer business 3 minutes from my house but I’m not investigating that because of the relationship Martin and I have built with K9to5 and their genuine enthusiasm about what they do and the care and empathy they provide.

I’m absolutely stoked to be a client of K9to5. Martin gets a beautiful professional grooming, has the time of his life there and I am super comfortable when he is in their care. We are both massive fans.

Nick Lord-Sole

dustyMy name is Dusty and I have been going to K9to5 for three years. Doggie daycare is a busy time for me with all those dogs running around, someone has to herd them. Gee they’re are a lot harder than sheep! But as a city dog I don’t get to chase sheep very much. So, I refine my herding skills at doggy daycare. However, a tennis ball is my weakness – The friendly staff are always kind enough to throw the ball over and over again.

On the way to K9to5 I just can’t help myself and start barking with excitement. It’s a different story on the way home though I can hardly move! I just want my dinner so that I can have a sleep….unless someone wants to play ball again. The next couple of days pass quickly, while I’m recovering. By Friday I can’t wait to get back to day care to see all my doggy pals!

Sometimes on Saturdays my mum and dad attend dog training classes with me at K9to5. I love it! For a clever Border Collie like me there is so much to do and learn and my mum and dad have learnt a few tricks too!

Brad and Ali 

DARCYSince starting doggie day care a few years ago, Darcy has become a different dog. He is more social (with people and other dogs alike) and generally calmer and more relaxed at home. The exercise and socialisation he receives at day care have been invaluable and, most importantly, he loves it and can’t wait to get there in the mornings. In addition, I know he is always well looked after as the staff have a genuine affection for and interest in animals, dogs in particular. For someone who works full-time with a pet, day care is a must.

Tracy Weston 

busaThank you K9to5 for all your help and support in helping us and our puppy Busa turn into a beautiful, well behaved and friendly dog. He just loves Friday’s when he gets to see all the staff and his dog friends. Your knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and we wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to any of our friends and family.

Katie Stelmach and David Hesson 

BeansWe are always raving about K9to5 to anyone who will listen as Doggy Daycare has truly been the best thing we have done for our 1 year old "Beans" the Bullmastiff.

When we first took Beans to daycare as an 8 month old puppy, he was a bit nervous and shy. Now, his tail is wagging as soon as we pull in to the driveway at K9to5 and he is jumping out of the car to go and play with his friends.

Since we have been taking Beans to daycare he really has become the kind of dog that you can take anywhere and he will happily play nicely with all shapes and sizes of dogs as well as humans!

The ladies at K9to5 are always so helpful and knowledgeable, and we know that Beans has an absolutely fantastic time as he always spends the next day or two sleeping it off!

Corri Andrews

molly"Molly it's time to go and see the girls"

Molly loves K9to5 and so do her owners!

We have been taking Molly to K9to5 for approximately 4 years and we'll never go anywhere else. She initially used to turn around when she got to the gate (due to a bad experience elsewhere). After a few visits Molly now goes bounding through the door and seeks out Holly for a hello.

Natika does a magnificent and professional job with Molly's cut and grooming. She comes out looking exactly as we like and so squeaky clean.

Molly does still do her nervous shaking when we first arrive, which results in lots of fussing for the girls – I would say a good princess performance! We recommend K9to5 to all Molly's friends.

ShalayI just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful care that you have given to Shalay since we relocated to Perth. As you know she is becoming part of a new family and whilst we will miss her, I think she will miss you guys even more! The excitement in the house on day care days was unbelievable and she was always truly exhausted yet blissfully happy when she returned home. Thank you for the wonderful care and the fun times you provided for her.


lilyanddaisyJust fantastic. My two little girls have been going to K9to5 for a few years and they just love it! The K9to5 staff are the best.

londonThe best money I spend all week. London loves her day care day she is so happy to be there with all the other dogs and the staff are just amazing so friendly and loving to the dogs. London comes home exhausted and sleeps for the next day dreaming of all her friends at day care.


george-spoodle-daycare-grooming-perthWell.. it all started like this, I was 4 months old and I was a super enthusiastic little Spoodle puppy!!!

My parents decided that I needed to burn off a bit more energy.. one walk a day just wasn’t cutting it. My mum and dad work both work full time and let’s face it I was getting bored. This one morning my mum bundled me into the car and off we went. I love riding in the car so that was great. We reached our destination which I didn’t recognise, but I certainly found the smells interesting when I got out of the car…what did I see, more of my kind, big ones, little ones all shapes and sizes.

I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t wait to get into the gate and run and wrestle with the other dogs. Before I realised my mum had left me here. I didn’t mind though. I got to sit in the water bucket, play with so many dogs and being the cute thing I am, I got loads of cuddles from the girls taking care of us all.

Little did I know that this was my first K9to5 daycare day and I loved it. We are one big pack here at K9to5 although I do have my special pals; we all seem to get on alright. I am now nearly 3 years old and every Tuesday and Thursday I arrive at K9to5 daycare for the day with my lunch box ready to go.

Sometimes I even have a bath before I am driven back to my home with some of my pals. This means that my mum and dad don’t have to rush to collect me in peak hour traffic. I love the Pet Taxi, my best friend Bonnie sits in the front and off we go.

By the time I get home, I am pretty tired, but still like a cuddle from my mum and dad and maybe a walk around the block.

I love K9to5 daycare…Tell your mum and dad to drop you off for a day; you might get to play with me!

Written by George the Spoodle, with help from his mum Leah and dad Danny


  • Since starting doggie day care a few years ago, Darcy has become a different dog. He is more social (with people and other dogs alike) and generally calmer and more relaxed at home. The exercise and s...

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