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Drake Street

K9to5 Drake Street Dog Day Care is designed for all dogs. We are committed to providing a relaxing environment in our unique, spacious and clean centre.

We are proud of our high standards, our unique spacious outdoor dog crèche where your beloved pet can play and relax. The team at K9to5 are passionate about the work we do. All our dog carers have an authentic love for animals. We have a desire to understand each and every customer’s needs and provide a bespoke service based upon them.

We feel Drake Street Dog Day Care centre offers a unique service for both owner and dog. You can be sure that the utmost care will be taken by our highly qualified and experienced carers. We have a strict policy where all dogs are treated and handled like they are our own.

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“We love K9to5 doggy day care, the staff are amazing”



Our trained staff at Drake Street Dog Day Care supervise the dogs so you can feel secure knowing your dog is getting the best care possible. K9to5 is a day care for dogs but also offers their owners total peace of mind.
We have created a home away from home for your dog where they can spend a day enjoying fun activities and socializing. Dogs have complex needs and each dog is unique so we ensure each dog is treated like an individual.
Whether your dog craves interaction with dogs or people, we can provide both. We are proud to offer the best day care for dogs in Perth.


K9to5 is all about an open play environment and has outdoor and indoor play areas. We believe in open play; which means your dog can interact with other dogs. This allows for lots of exercise and is perfect for mental and physical stimulation.
Dogs are allocated suitable groups depending on their energy levels and temperament. This ensures the most appropriate playmates for your pet.
We provide activities throughout the day to keep your dog occupied. This includes sandpits for digging, shell pools for splashing, balls/bubbles for chasing, rope toys for tugging, and tunnels to play in.

About Day Care

For owners, knowing your dog is safe and in good care is vital. At K9to5 we will help your dog feel secure and relaxed. This gives you total peace of mind while you carry on with your busy day.

Dogs thrive on routine so we advise regular attendance to our day care centre. Many of our clients have told us over the years that their dog seems to ‘know’ what day of the week they go to dog day care.

We encourage all dogs to be fed at home before and  after attending daycare. This is unless they are young or have special dietary requirements. If dogs are fed in our care we encourage they rest at least half an hour before and/or after their meal.

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Daycare fees are payable on the morning of each attendance date, so be prepared to pay the relevant fee as specified.

We do not charge for public holidays & discounts are offered for bulk payments of 10 visits.

To Make an APPOINTMENT Call 0449 984 915


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