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Drake Street

In conjunction with our dog day care facilities in Perth, we also offer basic dog grooming and styling. At K9to5 Drake Street our dog grooming experts will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog.

We offer baths, blow dry’s and nail clipping at our Drake Street location. The K9to5 dog grooming team are skilled in all dog breeds, and work to your requirements. If you’re unsure what you want, they’ll discuss styles with you, so you won’t be surprised by the final fur cut.

We use natural products for dog washing and grooming. The wellbeing of your dog and their skin condition is just as important as how they look.

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“Our expert dog groomers will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog”

Our dog Grooming Services


We treat every single dog that comes into K9to5 uniquely. As a professional dog groomer we understand that all dogs have different personalities. Some love bathing, and others can’t wait to get it
over with.
Our team understand dog grooming styles are a very personal thing. At Drake Street we offer baths, blow dry’s and nails clipping, however at our other location we offer a full range of services. 
Our Drake Street dog grooming services are for larger dogs. However; our Scarborough Beach Road centre offer dog grooming services for size dogs.

Grooming Procedure

Getting a pet really clean is the only way to produce a top quality trim. After bathing, a variety of techniques are used during the drying process to prepare the coat for clipping and/or scissoring. The dogs fur must be straight and as fluffy as possible to ensure accuracy and quality.
We advise regular brushing and combing to keep your dogs hair matt free. This will provide you with many more styling options as well as a more comfortable and safer grooming experience for your dog. Every step of this treatment is done with a gentle and considerate touch, so that your dog leaves the treatment feeling as good as they look


When you take your dog to the groomer for the first time, it’s important to have a clear idea in your mind of what you want the groomer to achieve. At Drake Street we offer baths, blow dry’s and nails clipping to ensure your dogs coat is clean and healthy. If your dog is not is not enrolled in the dog day care, your dog must be picked up at the end of their appointment.

To secure an appointment for your dog baths, blow dry or nails clipping, it is best to book a few weeks in advance. Our friendly groomers are happy to spend time consulting with you before your appointment in person or on the phone. Please feel free to contact our groomers directly on 0449 984 915 or email us at info@k9to5littles.com.au.

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* Prices starting from.
Prices may vary. This is based on the time taken, which is affected by condition of coat (matting), scissoring required (breed clips), size and behaviour of the dog.
We reserve the right to refuse matted dogs at short notice and extra charges may.  

For our Full Grooming SeRVICe PLEASE VISIT OUR SCARBOROUGH Beach road LocaTION 

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