To ensure the health and safety of all the dogs at K9to5 including your own, all dogs must fulfil the following to be eligible for day care:

  • Behaviour – You will need to certify that your dog has not harmed or directed aggression and/or threatening behaviour at any persons or dogs.
  • Age – All dogs must be 4months of age or older before commencing day care. Puppies must have been at home for 2 weeks prior to coming to daycare.
  • Sex – All dogs over the age of 8months must be neutered or spayed, with official documentation as proof.
  • Vaccination – All dogs must have an up to date C5 vaccination, with official documentation as proof.
  • Health – You will need to certify that your dog is in good health and has been so for the last 30 days.
  • Shelter Dogs – Adopted dogs must have been in their new home for a minimum of 3 Months prior to his/her first day care admission.  


  • I’ve been taking Martin to K9to5 for grooming every 4-5 weeks since I adopted him two years ago. He is a Dingo Husky cross and the Husky in him means he sheds a lot of hairs, and by a lot - I mean an ...

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