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Scarborough Beach Road

K9to5 Scarborough Beach Road Doggy Day Care is a fun, reliable and friendly place for your dog to spend its day. We are a canine adventure playground. Our doggy day care allows for lots of exercise and is perfect for mental and physical stimulation.

Our Scarborough Beach Road Doggy Day Care centre is designed for smaller dogs. Not only is our doggy day care about play, we also offer a relaxing environment in our unique, spacious and clean centre.

Our specialist dog carers are passionate and offer special daily dog care activities. All our dog carers have an authentic love for animals. We ensure every customer’s needs are met and provide a unique service based upon them.

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“Owners trust us, Dogs love us at K9to5.”



The Scarborough Beach Road Doggy Day Care is a place for friendly, social dogs. The care of your dog is at the core of our ethos. All our dog day care activities are based around the health of each dog.

K9to5 is a home away from home for your dog where they can spend a day enjoying fun activities. Dogs have complex needs and each dog is unique. We ensure each dog’s care is treated individually.


Our team understand every dog has their daily habits at home and have different levels of energy. Our team allocate dogs into suitable groups depending on their energy levels and temperament. This ensures the most appropriate playmates for your pet.

We provide dog day care activities throughout the day to keep your dog occupied. This includes games, splashing in pools, chasing balls and running.

About day care

At K9to5 we understand that dog owners want to know that their dog is in a safe and caring environment. Our mission at K9to5 is to ensure that your dog feels safe, secure and relaxed.

Our trained staff have created a doggy day care that dogs thrive in. Dogs love routine so we advise regular attendance to our day care centre. This makes your dog feel relaxed to spend days at our centre,

To Make an APPOINTMENT Call 0449 984 915


Daycare fees are payable on the morning of each attendance date, so be prepared to pay the relevant fee as specified.

We do not charge for public holidays & discounts are offered for bulk payments of 10 visits.

To Make an APPOINTMENT Call 0449 984 915


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